Joint Platforms

Cancer Clinical Trials & Investigational Medicine Units

STCC Cancer Clinical Trials and Investigational Medicine Units platform brings together several excellent clinical trial centres in Singapore for scaled up expertise, capacity and efficiency in conducting cancer clinical trials. This platform will work closely with the other STCC entities to conduct biomedical research of the highest quality, as well as enhance partnerships by engaging and facilitating collaborations with research and biomedical entities and communities across the public sector and industry in Singapore.

Through this platform, we strive to:

  • Streamline contract engagement
  • Optimise budgeting and study facilitation
  • Provide regulatory in-roads
  • Increase patient access to novel treatment
  • Facilitate off-label treatment approval
  • Support the oncology clinical research community

This will significantly increase Singapore’s standing and competitiveness as a major cancer clinical trial site for high-impact studies, and make effective use of resources.

Platform Leads