Translational Research Integration & Support (TRIS)

Translational Research Integration & Support

The Translational Research Integration & Support (TRIS) platform offers potential solutions to several healthcare challenges in oncology by improving patient stratification for standard and novel therapies. It is a national-level platform to bring together expertise from the Agency of Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR), and academic cancer researchers in Singapore, with the common goal of developing, testing and validating potential new biomarkers and molecular diagnostics. The platform serves as a coordinating hub for advanced molecular assays (including genomics, transcriptomics and spatial molecular profiling) on samples from patients enrolled in STCC clinical trials and clinical research studies.

initial focus of the platform centers on:                  

  • validating biomarkers of high-cost immunotherapy drugs
  • discovering novel biomarkers from patients who have exceptional responses to current cancer therapy

In the long term, the platform will also draw on research discoveries from the Singapore research community, to facilitate their testing and deployment in clinical cancer care.