Our Story

Since 2000, Singapore has invested heavily in biomedical sciences research and development, and these efforts are starting to bear fruit. This is particularly evident in the field of cancer, which has seen significant local contributions to improving outcomes of patients, substantial partnerships with pharmaceutical companies and the establishment of internationally known local companies. Today, Singapore has a strong critical mass of globally competitive basic and clinical research talent, state-of-the-art research and clinical infrastructure, and extensive connectivity to top centers around the world.

The Singapore Translational Cancer Consortium (STCC) was established in 2020 as a nationally coordinated initiative and network to synergize cancer research and translational capabilities across Singapore. It aims to bring together Singapore’s best basic, clinical and translational talent in Singapore, and advance global research and translational competitiveness to the next level by establishing and implementing collaborative cancer research programs originating from the local cancer research community as well as partnerships from the industry.


The consortium will integrate our partners such as NCCS, NCIS, CSI and A*STAR, to create a one-stop concept to coordinate and provide the cancer community and industry with an enabling research and innovative environment.


STCC represents a major opportunity for Singapore to be recognized as a global leader for selected Asian cancers in terms of research & translational capabilities, through building peaks of excellence and thought-leadership, and demonstrating healthcare and/or economic value creation through its synergistic platforms and programs. STCC focuses on research that demonstrate potential for high-impact value-based applications in health & healthcare, specifically in cancer prevention, screening, treatment and patient care in Singapore. The consortium is in Phase 1 implementation, focusing on the operationalization of the four joint platforms: Clinical trials and investigational medicine unit, Cancer databases and tissue banks, Research-based molecular diagnostics platform and Business intelligence and development unit.


To become a global leader for selected Asian cancers in research translation and its application to health and economic value creation.


To synergise the strongest basic, clinical and translational talent and expertise from across Singapore to create a cohesive and focused national-level cancer research and translational programme.


STCC Organisational Structure.png